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Patient & Attendant Right

Rights of Patient & Relatives

  • Can get the information about doctor/s and consultant/s of the related department
  • Can ask for the facilities charges within the hospital premise
  • Can demand an estimated cost for the treatment, before admission
  • Can leave the hospital at any stage, if not satisfied with the treatment
  • Can get information about patient’s treatment and status from the doctor, consultant and related staff
  • Can lodge written complaints related to any issue
  • Can request for information about file and report of treatment
  • Can query about status of disease / complication/s and its precautionary steps
  • Can consult to other doctors related to the disease
  • Can ask to maintain privacy about the disease
  • Should reveal identity when asked, its for patient/relatives safety
  • Should agree for blood & components, unconsciousness, operation, research & high-risk experimentation before treatment
  • Can demand for treatment related records.

Responsibilities of Patient & Relatives

  • Should respect and cooperate with the doctor and nursing staff
  • Should agree for treatment at a conscious state of mind
  • Should know the medicines, its side-effects and diet
  • Should have knowledge about the vaccination
  • Should have knowledge about contagious diseases and their precautionary steps
  • Should obey the directions of the in-charged doctor and related staff
  • Should follow the terms and conditions of the hospital.
  • Should cooperate with the hospital to keep it clean & hygienic and to make it infection-free